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Monday, November 11, 2013

Joseph Boulogne called Chevalier De Saint-Georges

Emil F. SmidakJOSEPH BOULOGNE called CHEVALIER DE SAINT-GEORGESWho was this man?In the book “The Works of John Adams, Second President of the United States - A life of the author, notes and illustrations, by his Grandson Charles Francis Adam, Vol. III, Charles C. Little and James Brown, Boston, 1851” you can read:“17 May 1779 - Landais gave us an account of St-George at Paris, - a mulatto man, son of a former governor of Guadeloupe, by a negro woman. He has a sister married to a farmer-general. He is the most accomplished man in Europe, in riding, running, shooting, fencing, dancing, music. He will hit the button, - any button on the coat or waistcoat of the greatest masters. He will hit a crown-piece in the air with a pistol-ball.”Joseph Boulogne Chevalier de Saint-George is unique in the history of European music, first for his origins and thcn for the diversity of his talents and the manifold facets of his achievement.

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